Mega Ramona Flowers

After a long day of working for a delivery business, Ramona orders a pizza for dinner instead of cooking, due to exhaustion from work. Ramona orders a medium pizza with a promotional topping for some new flavor. The pizza guy comes and goes with his delivery, and Ramona devours the pizza, loving the new taste with haste. It isn't until after she finishes it by herself she realizes that the pizza is making her grow.

She slowly ascends in height, stretching her clothes to their absolute limits before they surrender to her expanding size. The walls slowly close in around her as space becomes more scarce, though as she takes more and more space Ramona feels exhilarated, gaining inch after inch before hitting her head on the ceiling. Forcing her to sit down, she slowly loses more indoor space from her expanding figure. Her growth finally ends before breaking any walls or ceilings, but Ramona is left in an awkward position for comfort.

Before the excitement has died down, the sound of a key entering the doorknob can be heard. As the front door opens and Scott returns home from work, he sees a mega-sized Ramona, both shocked by the spectacle of Ramona's sudden growth.

After a few seconds of silence, both blushing and trying to find a way to move past this confusing (if sexy) situation, the silence is interrupted by the growling of Ramona’s stomach.

“Scott, I think I’m gonna order an extra-large pizza with extra toppings... want anything for yourself?”

Story by Supertoast
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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