Megan in the City

Megan's mind was made up as soon as she grew to her new amazing height. There was only one place for a giantess like her to go: the city!

The trek to Stanton was short and uneventful. The thirty miles that had separated her from it all these years was now a mere stroll for her new self. She had not been able to help herself from playing with her surroundings as she moved towards the city, but now that she was standing amongst its tallest skyscrapers, she knew that nothing could compare to it.

Megan observed her surroundings with giddy fascination, the screams of the crowd at her feet serving as the perfect soundtrack for her adventure. She knew why they were afraid, but the truth was that they hadn't seen anything yet!

Story by Papayoya
Artwork by Altercomics-Andrestronik

High resolution (3270x4961)

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