Midsommar Missing Scene

As Dani gazed deep, blissfully into the blazing fires that quickly engulfed the barn, containing her soon-to-be scorched from this earth ex, she divulged a gradually widening grin from the sheer sight of all the madness... or at least, what once may have been considered madness to her! For within this petite, yet elongated grin that seemed to stay frozen into place, only exhibited that Dani absolutely saw the Commune of Hårga as the true way of life. Every villager around Dani shrieks and shouts themselves into an ecstatic celebration dance.

What directly followed afterwards stands as a complete mystery.... Something that can't be concluded as to whether it was even intentional or not. Was there a drink specifically spiked for her? Did the May Queen ritual cause it? Was it one of the prophet books that warned this would happen? Maybe even the headdress itself? Whatever the unknown reason was, there was indeed no stopping it.... Dani's strung-out smirk fastened instantly, with her front teeth clenching down into her lower lip. Her green eyes rolling in a frenzied hot spell. She fumbles around with her footing, clenching onto her stomach for dear life, moaning with such tremendous passion that rattles her vocal cords.

The flower dress, that once made Dani appear as an overgrown, walking flower bouquet with a pretty little face, seemed to be shrinking.... One moment ago, that colorful dress concealed basically everything of Dani, excluding her arms and face. Then, the moment this unknown sensation struck Dani, the dress struggled to cover her knees. Simultaneously, the entire dress itself began to billow and blossom outward, slowly but surely towards the point of being popped and plucked right off, gliding gracefully underneath Dani's body. Instantly, it became apparent that the dress wasn't shrinking... Dani was growing! That became abundantly clear as day, once the newly converted woman haphazardly spouted a few more elongated inches upward and ruined the May Queen dress even further!

Dani continued to grapple down hard in immense pleasure against her stomach, unsure on how to feel about this tingling sensation throughout herself. Considering the dress itself wasn't crafted from durable fabric, there was extremely little to zero fight against Dani's growth spurt. Even with this flourishing body of a woman increasing in size by the second, the villagers oddly didn't suppress their dance ritual for a single moment. Once Dani started to reach her slightly over six-story height, the growing sluggishly began to ripple away, coming to a brief halt. Dani was then able to somewhat compose herself, still feeling a tad dizzy and zoned out.

Loosening and then letting go of her stomach allowed Dani to witness her surroundings, and the new perspective that came with it! The once sacred May Queen dress became run down to mere drapes, squeezing onto Dani's gigantic body for dear life, laid in a pile of ruins, entirely underneath the towering idol's feet. What at first began as yet another unusual, ghastly situation for Dani, such a hesitating feeling flat-out passed through her.

At this point in her life, with the many oddities in recent days, along with still being completely fresh with the culture of Hårga and their methods, quickly led towards instantaneous acceptance and personal enlightening. It certainly showed! Villagers within Dani's enormous radius either got stomped to a paste, or picked up to be dropped, slammed, or thrown into whatever was unfortunate enough to stand within these flesh flying projectiles path.

Dani then geared and worked herself up into the overwhelming eagerness of not only allowing her pathetic, broiling ex to cook away as if he were stuffed inside an oven... but to personally obliterate his existence, without getting to receive a sheer millisecond glare of the now beastly beauty that he foolishly, continuously disrespected.

Dani interpreted her colossal transformation as the beginning of a satisfying new life. Being able to demolish all that have wronged her with low effort, treating the land as if she owned it, and playing the siren role for a constant following of worshipers sounded more than acceptable for the giantess. Despite the swift shenanigans of Dani with her newfound height, the villagers remain joyously frolicking about, believing this is all good and planned for them, and thus kickstarting the terrifyingly sublime rein of Hårga's first ever May Goddess...

Story by Tator
Artwork by Enroc

High resolution (3000x4636)

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