Misato Impact

In the futuristic city of Tokyo-3, an organization called NERV is humanity’s last hope against an otherworldly threat, simply named "the angels", whose victory will bring humanity’s demise. Despite their already unorthodox methods of repelling the angels, things looked bleak for everyone. Misato Katsuragi, one of the highest ranking officers for humanity’s defense, was absolutely desperate to find a way to combat the angels without putting others in harm's way.

One day, walking past a NERV laboratory, she eavesdropped on her longtime friend and colleague Ritsuko. Overhearing talk that a potential new weapon to defeat the angels had been developed, but that finding a suitably strong-willed candidate necessary for testing would be difficult, Misato immediately burst into the room to volunteer.

Accepting the procedure despite not fully understanding what she'd agreed to, Misato prepared herself for her first physical screening just as an angel alert sounded. With NERV’s current deterrent unable to respond, they were left with no choice but to inject Misato with the full, untested compound. As the angel breached their defenses, Misato grew until she matched its height, easily overpowering the creature and defeating it with ease.

However, as the creature died, it turned into an orange liquid (called LCL fluid) which traveled like a sentient river, making its way towards the giant purple-haired woman. As it got absorbed into Misato's body, it quadrupled her height in an instant... with no signs of slowing down. Unbeknownst to Misato, NERV had a practically lake-size supply of LCL fluid underground, which was now traveling its way through their various ventilation shafts and rising up to the surface to be absorbed into Misato. As Misato absorbed more and more of the fluid, her growth only accelerated.

While her height swelled bigger by the second, her growth and pleasure continued to multiply as well. Thankfully, her iron will remained intact. Misato felt more powerful, confident, and sexier than ever... but also felt she wasn’t even close to strong enough to protect the entire planet. With a new sense of determination, she continued to grow bigger and stronger, both literally and figuratively, in order to protect everyone she loved.

All the while, Ritsuko watched from a busted open wall as her best friend quickly outgrew everyone and everything, silently hoping she didn't outgrow her humanity... or discover what they're really protecting in the lowest underground bunker.

Story by Supertoast
Artwork by Altercomics-FRANTIC

High resolution (3020x4500)

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