Misatogelion Unit Reporting!

Recently, the pilots of the Evangelion units have presented post-traumatic problems thanks to the continuous battles against the gigantic creatures called Angels. This is why, at the request of the older Misato Katsuragi who was concerned about her tenant Shinji Ikary, she requested another alternative to be able to defend the city and the pilots. She never thought that her idea would be the Nephilim project, which would be carried out by her best friend Dr. Ritzuko Akagi, and would consist of converting volunteers Maya Ibuki and Misato Katsuragi in the first human defenses of Tokyo-3, turning them into women larger than the current Evas, and without the disadvantage of relying on a battery. Misato seems to be happy with the end result, now she is able to avenge her father, and she will also be able to draw the attention of more boys.

Story by MikeKamiya
Artwork by Studio Arieta_YoulZ

High resolution (3235x5000)

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