Miscalculation for DVA

“So what is this new prototype you’re testing, Angela?” Hana asked as she sat at the edge of her bed, tilting her head in curiosity as she saw Mercy assemble her staff. She was quite fascinated with how Mercy’s tech was able to save them during difficult moments in their battles, and knowing that any help she could offer would also help them end the war sooner.

“I wanted to try having my staff emit both the healing and damage beam to whoever needs it instead of switching between the two.” Angela replied eagerly. “I have to test it out to make sure both outputs are utilized to their maximum, but I know that Winston wouldn’t ever approve of me testing it at headquarters, so I’m sorry again that I'm intruding at your place.”

“No worries! I’m always eager to help out a good friend of mine! Especially if this will help us out on the battlefield.” Hana said. “Besides, this energy boost will help me out after a long day from school.”
“Well good, this shouldn’t take long at all then!” Angela said, and then she clicked a switch on her staff and a green light illuminated the tip. She pointed the light towards Hana’s direction and held down a button, causing the light to irradiate a brighter green and a rising humming noise.

Hana flinched, blocking the bright light towards her as she asked “Are you sure it’s supposed to be doing that…?” Letting go of the button, Mercy reassured “It should be fine! Just treat it like any other healing beam!” The green ray shot out of the staff and hit Hana, engulfing the test subject in a green glow. As the beam hit her, she winced as she felt a slight tingling at first throughout her body, but it quickly dissipated. She then started to feel a familiar feeling of stamina and power as another strange feeling began to engulf her.

Meanwhile, Angela was focusing on the data from her laptop to see the data received from her staff. “Hana, how are you feeling? Everything alright so far?” She looked up and saw the large, green glow slowly dissipating around Hana. “Angela! I think it’s working! I can feel both of them surging throughout my body!”

Hana cheered, standing up in excitement. However, before she could fully stand, her head immediately came in contact with something hard. “Ouch! What the hell?!” she yelped, getting down on her right knee.

She looked up to see what she made contact with, and she saw the ceiling suddenly getting closer to her. “Angela?!” Hana looked around in panic, noticing that her surroundings were shrinking around her. “Why is everything shrinking around me?!”

“It’s not your stuff, Hana. It’s you! You’re the one getting larger!” Angela said as she dropped her staff, watching in awe as her friend continued to enlarge in size. Hana became worried, “Is this supposed to happen?! I don’t want to be this big!!”

Hana pressed her hands against the roof, unknowingly failing to stop her growing body, “Angela! I’m not stopping! I’m getting too big for this room!” Hana cried “Get the staff!!” Angela then realized she needed to stop staring and start helping, “Right, right. Sorry!” Angela leaned down to grab the staff, but accidentally kicked it away from her. The beam was still focused on Hana as she continued to fill the slowly cramped room.

In order to make room for herself, Hana shifted her weight behind her and fell into a lying position, falling into the corner of her room. This made her kick out her legs towards Angela, which she nearly avoided pushing her over. Meanwhile, Hana’s sudden shift caused the room to shake, making Hana lose her balance while picking up the staff. “Angela! Any day now!” Hana yelped as her legs stretched to the other end of the room. She tried to find the most comfortable position as she grew, as the best position she was able to get in was with one arm pressing against the roof to help her head and shifting her body so that one of her legs was bent upwards and the other tucked under her.

The room began to groan as it attempted to hold in the growing girl, barely keeping itself together. Fortunately, Angela shut off her staff and the glowing beam stopped along with Hana’s growth. She panted in exhaustion as she slowly got up and looked at her now giant friend that barely fit inside her once large room. She could compare it to Hana being in a giant dollhouse, where now the giant was her.

“Oh my, I am so sorry about that, Hana!” Angela was still in shock, the results of what her experiment had done to her poor, innocent friend. “It’s fine.” Hana sighed, grunting in pain. “I can’t really find a comfortable position for me to be in this tiny room. I think I’m stuck.” Angela perked up. “Not to worry! I can go straight to the lab and reverse the effects of my staff there!” She turned towards the door, only to find Hana’s foot and opposite leg pressed up against the only way out.

“...I wish I could help, but I can’t really seem to move at all.” Hana strained to try to move her body whatsoever, leading to the room creaking and the room shaking. “Okay, okay, maybe let’s not do that!” Angela motioned for her to stop moving. “I guess we have to call Winston for help.”

“He better help us!” Hana pouted, “I don’t want to stay this size any longer.”

Story by theclaimedname
Artwork by Geckup

High resolution (7483x5001)

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