Mistress of the Universe!

Skeletor had managed to steal a potion that would give whomever drank it the ultimate power to rule the world! He-Man raced to Snake Mountain to retrieve the potion, to try and make sure it would not stay in the wrong hands.

Meanwhile, Evil-Lyn, having become tired of her master's failures, decided it was time to take the power for herself! The Sorceress stole the potion while Skeletor's back was turned and drank it quickly.

As He-Man entered Skeletor's lair, he realized that he was too late.

Evil-Lyn felt the power flowing through her as she began to grow bigger and bigger, growing until she burst through the top of Snake Mountain! The Giant witch snatched He-Man off the ground as her body expanded more and more. She held the hero in her hand like a toy, realizing she was far too powerful for anyone to stop her! Eternia would soon be hers to rule!

Story by bluedog79
Artwork by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

High resolution (4125x6263)

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