Monster Queen

It was after the trial and things had not gone all that well. Star Butterfly ran off in a huff over finding the truth of her family lineage and her mother, Queen Moon, followed to console her daughter. The Magic High Council, the ones who were also on trial during the proceedings of Trial by Box, was left alone with Eclipsa Butterfly, the former Queen.

Eclipsa may have been found guilty for crimes against mewmanity, but she was freed by Star all the same. Eclipsa had suffered a lot at the hands of the council. She was incarcerated for 300 years in crystal, stripped of her wand, labeled the black sheep and, worse of all, taken away from her family. The Magic High Council even erased all known information of her daughter so as to keep the Butterfly lineage "pure" (as Eclipsa's crimes of loving a monster was considered a vile act). Her half breed daughter was cast out and rejected, left to rot away in parts unknown.

Now alone with the council, Eclipsa felt a great desire for revenge.

She worked quickly. Using a charm, she shrunk the three within seconds. Then she gulped down Rhombulus with ease and cracked Omnitraxus Prime between her teeth like a like piece of candy. All that was left was her... and the now shrunken Heckapoo.

Eclipsa decided to have a "little" fun with the tiny terror and placed her on a seat in the courtroom before proceeding to hike up her skirt. This, in turn, showed that she wore nothing underneath (Eclipsa found it more liberating), which made slowly feeding the little fire forger to her rump that much easier as the others digested snuggly in her tummy.

Story by Illuminaughty
Artwork by SednaStudio-LRC

High resolution (3300x5100)

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