Monsters Destroy Aliens

From the deepest, darkest space, they come; an endless army of identical beings that have proven themselves invulnerable to all forms of attacks. Possessing incredible strengths and a devious mind, this terrible invading force also comes in diverse sizes, from average, intergalactic height Legionnaire soldiers to building-sized, heavy assault Centurions class, from towering Legate commanders to the truly titanic queen of this invading force.

They are the Ginormicas, an intergalactic empire governed by millions of clones of the empire's founder, their eternal queen, whose name sparks terror in the mind of any sentient interstellar race that encounters the Ginormicas on their warpath, for all across the universe, the word "Susan" has become a word that means impending doom and destruction of civilization.

Like most great terrors, the original Ginormica began as an individual of little importance named Susan Murphy, a soon-to-be bride awaiting the fate of becoming a housewife to a mediocre reporter in a modest town on an insignificant back-water planet.

That all changed on Susan's wedding day when she was struck by a meteorite made of pure Quantonium, the universe's rarest and most potent energy source. Absorbing the powers of the Quantonium, it caused Susan to grow gigantic, accidentally destroying the church where the wedding ceremony was being performed and causing the wedding guests to flee in panic before the US government captured her. Imprisoned alongside other monstrous beings that the government had apprehended, Susan was stripped of her old identity and renamed Ginormica, forced to become a weapon against potential alien threats.

Over the coming weeks, slowly but surely, Susan started to lose her sense of humanity, with her fiancé rejecting her for her new status, her family reacting with fear to her towering size, and her wardens treating her as nothing but a tool. The breaking point happened when Susan was taken prisoner and brought to the ship of space invader Gallaxhar. The evil alien overlord sought to extract the Quantonium from Susan's body to create a clone army in his image to conquer the universe. Susan's fellow monster prisoners attempted to rescue her, only to be killed in their attempt. Upon seeing the only people she had any attachment to left in the world gone, Susan snapped, overpowering and then killing Gallaxhar.

Taking control of Gallaxhar's ship, Susan repurposed his plans for her own, for if the world did not see her as anything but a monster, she would become the biggest monster it had ever seen. It took only a few days for Susan and her clone army to conquer Earth utilizing technology left by Gallaxhar. Humanity found itself subjected to eternal servitude by cruel white-haired overlords, with the Ginormicas filling every position of power.

After a few decades of converting Earth into the capital of her empire, Queen Susan led an interstellar campaign of conquest, seeking out worlds rich in Quantonium to further empower herself and her sisters. The secondary goal of Susan's war is to conquer all intelligent life in the cosmos, fulfilling the core principle of her empire tenets, which stated that the Ginormicas are the true ultimate lifeform. Therefore, everything else exists to serve them.

All hail Queen Susan, all hail Ginormica Imperia.

Story by Mr Red
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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