Mt. Lady: Brandish's Best Way To Travel

Having to travel to another town that was a long distance away, several options were presented to Brandish on how she would reach her destination. An airship or even the standard horse and cart were all possible, but she decided that all of those were too plain and ordinary for her taste. Since she still had the servitude of the now former, professional hero, Mt. Lady, Brandish decided to make the very lanky woman her mode of transport for the trip.

It was child's play for her to increase Mt. Lady's size to the point that she would be more than large enough to complete the task. Even though she has been increased to a hundred feet in height, she still retained her much loathed lanky and gawky appearance. This was much to the dismay of Mt. Lady, who still picked up her mistress and begun what would be a very long journey. Along the way, the lanky giantess did push her luck as she asked Brandish if she could restore her frame to its regular proportions. However, much to her dismay, her mistress told her that she did enjoy her lankier form. Because if this, Brandish increased Mt. Lady's natural height even further and left her with a reminder. 'The more that you complain, the lankier you become.' Brandish had planned on making Mt. Lady's proportions completely normal by the time they reached their destination. But now, she wasn't so sure.

Story by A0040pc
Artwork by Sedna Studio_Kaka

High resolution (3300x5100)

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