Mt. Lady Meeting Her Match

Rita had been working in her lab and experimenting with technology that would allow herself to travel to different dimensions. Unfortunately for her, when she attempted to open a portal, she was sucked inside and found herself in a universe unfamiliar to her.

The trip through the dimensional vortex also caused her size manipulation abilities to go haywire. Upon arriving in this other dimension she discovered that she had been enlarged to around her maximum size. What she didn't know was that the dimension that she had entered was filled with superheroes that had powers in amazing and bizarre ways.

As she spots a fellow giant superheroine, Rita couldn't help but approach her to see if Mt. Lady could help her somehow. Unfortunately, one thing that she didn't realize was that the other giantess's ego was extremely fragile. Mt. Lady had always prided herself as being the world's largest superhero. Now, she could see that there was someone who beat her by a country mile.

Story by A0040PC
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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