Mt. Lady: Not What She Asked For

A short time ago, the professional superheroine Mt. Lady found herself shrinking infinitely. During this time, she shrank from one universe to the next and would seemingly do so until she entered the one that she currently found herself in.

In this universe filled with beings who could use magic, Mt. Lady met a powerful being named Brandish who was able to stop the desperate heroine's shrinking process. Unfortunately for the former giantess, she remained at a height of only a few inches tall (at least, in comparison to the inhabitants of this world). As a result, she became nothing more than a pet for her "savior".

After weeks of begging, Brandish did finally decide to make Mt. Lady bigger again. However, rather than returning her to her universe or granting her a more normal height to better suit her new home, Brandish instead made her tiny plaything into an awkward and gangly 10 foot giantess. Because of this, the superheroine now found herself too big to comfortably accomplish simple tasks like getting through a door or trying to sleep in her bed.

Mt. Lady didn't know if Brandish had done this to teach her a lesson of some sort or just to experiment with a new form of amusing torment. What Mt. Lady did know was that her height was now significantly more inconvenient than it had ever been and that she lived by the whims of her new master.

Story by a0040pc
Artwork by SednaStudio-Kaka

High resolution (3300x5100)

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