Mt. Lady: Part Time Jobs For A Full Time Beanpole

Now becoming more accustomed to the world that she found herself living in, Mt. Lady tried to make her way in this new place. Her mistress Brandish was allowing her more freedoms than before, and this even allowed her to obtain a few part-time jobs. On top of the beanpole of a superheroine earning herself some money, she was also able to meet new people and feel more at home.

Amongst these part time jobs included becoming a window cleaner, which was much easier for someone like her. Even with her feet planted squarely on the ground, she was still tall enough to reach a second-floor window with ease. Although, her bizarre appearance would bring her much unwanted attention. Another job that she discovered was that she was good at was picking fruit from various trees. Her height made reaching the fruit a cake walk to say the least. No fruit was out of her grasp, even those that had grown right at the very top of the tree.

Her abnormal height of course made her the center of attention practically everywhere she went. However, this did bring her one advantage in one particular part time job she performed. She was basically becoming a human advertising agent, as all she needed to do was hold up a sign and not do much else. This did seem like easy money to say the least, but of course, the weather wasn’t always the best.

One job in particular that she found more than difficult was collecting honey from nearby beehives. Her height might have made it easier for her to collect the honey, but it also made her a prime target for the bees themselves. Even a woman of such stature wasn’t immune from being stung over and over again. At the end of the day though, Mt. Lady would return to her mistress, who was normally thrilled by the work that she had done. The money that she made was completely for the elongated giantess, and the green haired woman was even kind enough to help treat the various bee stings on her servant’s face. This was something that Mt. Lady did appreciate, but she would appreciate it even more if the size changing spellcaster would return her to her regular proportions, rather than the fifteen-foot beanpole that she currently was.

Story by A0040pc
Artwork by Sedna_Kaka

High resolution (3300x5100)

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