My Fried Tofu

It was after school, just before the weekend. Yukiko Amagi had about an hour before she had to go home to help with her family's inn. Normally, she would use this time to hang out with her best friend Chie, or spend time getting to know her new friends, Yu and Yosuke. However, the three of them disappeared just before last period. She'd give them a call later, but right now, she wasn't concerned. She had plans. Clutching her treasure, a bowl of fried tofu-flavored ramen that she had been looking forward to all day, she made her way to the roof of the school. A quick glance outside confirmed her suspicions: the roof was deserted. Everyone else was either at club meetings or wanted to leave the school as quickly as possible to start their weekend. Smiling to herself, she stepped outside, careful to shut the door behind her, and sat down on the nearby bench. She opened the ramen bowl. By now it was surely hot enough to be enjoyable.
Yu Narukami had no idea where he was. The last thing he remembered was waiting for the last class of the day to start, when suddenly he felt dizzy and blacked out. All he knew now is that it was very hot, very humid, and completely dark. The ground felt squishy underneath him, and a delicious smell permeated the air. “Hello?!” A voice behind him cried out. “Anyone there?” He recognized that voice as his friend Chie Satonaka. “Satonaka-san!” Yu called out. “Yu-kun?” “Wait… Chie? Partner?” a third voice, which Yu immediately identified as Yosuke Hanamura. “You guys are here too?” “Both of you, just follow the sound of my voice!” Yu shouted. “We need to get our bearings…”
Before any of them could start moving, a bright light flooded through their world as the ceiling was ripped away from them.
As his eyes adjusted, Yu finally got a good look at his surroundings. He and his friends were standing in a giant field of ramen noodles, with puddles of broth and giant chunks of fried tofu laid out as far as they could see. Casting his eyes skyward, he saw his friend Yukiko, bigger than he could comprehend, staring down towards them with hungry eyes. “Wh… what?” Chie recovered first. “Yukiko! Down here! It’s us! Help!”
“MMM…” Yukiko said to herself, her voice booming above her friends like a loudspeaker, “THIS IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD.”
“Crap!” Yosuke said, panicking. “She doesn’t notice us!”
“I’VE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS EVER SINCE YU ATE THE TOFU I BOUGHT YESTERDAY. I KNOW HE APOLOGIZED, BUT I STILL NEED TO GET BACK AT HIM SOMEDAY…” Yukiko giggled. Her stomach growled, echoing like a distant snarling monster to her unknown prisoners in the bowl below. “OH! I’M HUNGRIER THAN I THOUGHT… WELL, BOTTOMS UP!” With that, Yukiko began to dig into her after school snack with a fervor that would put her tomboyish friend Chie to shame. Grabbing a bite far bigger than would normally be considered ladylike, she noisily chomped down on the tofu and noodles.
The force of her action knocked her shrunken friends to the ground. Yu stared up at the messy, devouring carnage in awe. “Wow… look at her just… attacking it…” “Partner, come on!” Yosuke grabbed Yu’s hand, dragging him to his feet. “We gotta get her attention before…”
“GUYS! RUN!” Chie exclaimed. Yukiko’s chopsticks were descending once again, this time directly towards them. As they ran, Yu unfortunately slipped on the broth and found himself tangled up in the noodles wrapping dangerously around the giant wooden utensils. “Yu-kun!” Chie cried in terror as Yukiko inadvertently scooped Yu up with her next bite. As she prepared to bring it up to her mouth, a smile of pure delight on her face and remnants from her last bite dribbling carelessly down her chin, she had no idea that she was about to exact a far more brutal revenge on Yu than she ever intended…

Story by Maxwell
Artwork by SednaStudio-PAN

High resolution (2481x3507)

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