Night Terrors

Grall led his band of survivors across the bed where it was rumored they would find salvation. He and the others had been living in the cracks of the apartment for weeks, ever since having the ill luck to stumble upon a jinn while vacationing in Syria. The large group had splintered since arriving at their inch high destination. Some groups had begun to worship Christina, the curvy redhead who owned the apartment, as a god. It wasn't that much of a shock. Christina, totally oblivious to the vacationers, held life and death in her hands, having crushed more than a few people under her massive body. Grall had heard from another group that the Jinn would reward anyone who showed the bravery to cross the bed and make it to the bedside table to turn on the light. It sounded like nonsense to Grall at first, but as the days wore on, it seemed more and more likely. Tired of waiting around to get crushed, Grall finally decided to take the chance. So here he was, crossing the great expanse of the bed. They were making good time, Grall pulling up the rear so they didn't lose anyone. Suddenly, a great shadow covered the overhead light. Not daring to look, Grall shouted at his band 'BACK!' But no one was listening. They were all stunned, looking up at was causing the massive shadow. Despite himself, Grall looked too.

Story by bbbs
Artwork by SednaStudio-Remus

High resolution (2480x3507)

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