Not Your Average Cowgirl

Seeking revenge on the O'Driscolls for destroying her life, Sadie Adler takes it upon herself to visit Chief Rains Fall. He, along with their mystical tribe members, chant an ancient spell to help Sadie find peace. The only problem is that the spell worked too well! Her already ample curves begin to swell, making even Arthur Morgan blush. Her butt begins to get larger and larger, her breasts beginning to burst through her shirt. All over, her body starts to feel warm and tingly.

"Cheif, what's happening to me?" She asks, but the chief can only respond in a baffled shrug. She begins to grow taller and taller, towering above the tribe and Arthur.

"Is this supposed to happen?" Sadie asks, again getting no response from the tribespeople as they looking through their ancient scrolls and legends. Her stomach begins to growl and she grins.

"...I know how to take care of those bastards!" She exclaims, walks off and quickly vanishes with her long strides.

Arthur tracks her down in Valantine, noticing her stomach is a bit larger than it used to be as she lets out a large burp!

"Oh Arthur, thank you for letting me get my revenge..."

"Should we try to find you a cure?" Arthur replies. She replies

"You know what, I kinda like this advantage," She continues, picking Arthur up. "You know, I am single now..." She blushes at Arthur, who is blushing at his airborne view of her massive breasts.

Story by MrSinister1990
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2062x3150)

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