Officer Nikki Keeps

Officer Nikki once again found herself serving justice to a band of criminals. There were a total of 10, but she could only find 9 of them (and she had only left 4 alive after "accidentally" killing 5 of them). One of them had gotten away, but Nikki shrugged it off, feeling as though she had done a good enough of a job. On her way home, though, she found the last criminal hiding in an alleyway! She was so excited that she'd found the last one... but no policemen were there to congratulate her... and no cameramen were there to capture her heroics.

That's when she realized... literally no one else was around. No one knew about this tiny criminal she had in her possession. She knew this was an opportunity she had to seize.

"You're coming home with me..." she whispered to him.

The tiny criminal didn't even have to ask why he would be going home with her. He knew that look in her eye. The sexual longing. At her size, he knew that she probably hadn't had a lot of opportunities to get intimate recently. However, the criminal didn't really want to find out how getting intimate with a woman of Nikki's size even worked. Nikki knew no one was around, but she would surely see some people out and about on her way home... and she couldn't just be holding a criminal in her hand! She had to hide him, but her stripper police uniform didn't leave much to the imagination. She was going to have to get creative. So, she just thought: 'What would a criminal do?'

Then it hit her. As Nikki started pulling her thong down, the criminal became increasingly scared and asked her what she was doing.

"Hiding you, silly! I don't want anyone to see me taking my work home with me." She then threw him a playful wink, but this knowledge only terrified him even more.

"Why are you taking off your thong?" He screamed, a small smirk sweeping across her face as she answered

"You're a criminal. You should know this."

The criminal's mind went blank. He just stared at her blankly, so she gave him a hint.

"Pretend I'm a criminal and you're a bag of drugs. Where would I hide ya?" After that, Nikki brought the tiny guy behind her butt and spread one of her butt-cheeks. Her drug metaphor didn't clarify things for him, but watching the enormous anus flex as though she was winking it at him made it perfectly clear. Nikki looked around to make sure the coast was still clear. When she didn't see anyone, she started moving the tiny guy towards her anus. This was the single most terrifying thing that had ever happened to him (and that was saying something since he'd been shot at dozens of times and even got hit by a couple of bullets). Once he was close enough to her butthole that he could smell it, the fear felt completely justified. He started crying, begging, and pleading, but that didn't stop officer Nikki from plunging him headfirst up her butthole until just his feet were sticking out.

The struggles she felt were wonderful. She hadn't had a guy stimulate her in quite some time, and him wiggling around inside of her was all kinds of stimulating. However, she couldn't fully enjoy it there. She would need to go home and be by herself to get the best experience. So, she let go of her butt-cheek and put her thong back on, eager to go home and play with herself... and her new toy.

Story by Newschool2626
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (3300x5100)

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