Operation Titan Falls

After the Hiroshima bombings, thousands of Japanese people were fueled with pure hatred and swore revenge to the Americans. Little did the Americans know, the Japanese government had been plotting the perfect revenge on the United States.

After scholars experimented with a mysterious substance from a fallen meteorite, they had created a serum that enlarges a person to a humongous size. The serum was not perfect, different candidates had different growth potentials. Some grew only a few feet after being given the average dose, while some did not grow at all, but one candidate showed the highest growth potential.

Once she was injected with the average dose, she grew bigger than expected, destroying the testing facility as her expanding body destroyed the environment around her.

Finally, she stopped at a height of 1000 feet, big enough to treat vehicles, like jet-liners and buses, as mere toys, and humans appeared to her as tiny ants. She was given the codename, Agent Fuji, after she recalled that she could see Mount Fuji from her new height. It was the tallest mountain in Japan, and she was the tallest human on Earth.

The Japanese government had created a super-soldier that could crush the Americans, and what better way to exact revenge than by recalling a moment to the Americans of their most explosive entrance in WW2. They planned to dose Agent Fuji with their most concentrated serum that could grow her to the size of Mount Fuji, and drop her as if they were dropping the realMount Fuji on a big, bustling city in California.

It was called Operation Titan-Falls. Agent Fuji could not be any more excited to take her revenge for her ancestors' deaths, and she was going to be more explosive than Hiroshima. The day had come on the 6th of August, the day when Hiroshima was bombed. A C-130 airplane was transporting Japanese soldiers into America, along with the human bomb that could obliterate any city.

The cargo door of the plane opened, and there stood Agent Fuji in a skin-tight diving suit with a collar containing the concentrated serum around her neck.

A green light emitted as she jumped out of the plane, into the bed of clouds below towards Los Angeles. After dropping a safe height away from the plane, the collar activated and injected the concentrated serum into her. She felt a shock and her body's temperature quickly rose as she immediately began to grow. The skin-tight diving suit ripped, and the collar broke, leaving her naked in the open air.

However, this serum reacted on her body differently than her first experience. Instead of just enlarging the height on her petite body, it began to expand her sexual features disproportionately, her breasts now bigger than her head and her ass filling out more. The serum was reacting in a way to cushion her fall, but unbeknownst to her without anything to measure her size, she was growing bigger than the researchers calculated. The Japanese soldiers from the plane were surprised to see how immense she had grown. Her body was expected to grow big enough to cover one satellite view of Mount Fuji, but now one of her breasts alone could crush the entire mountain, and her whole body was big enough to crush the area of two big cities instead of just one.

As Agent Fuji's body passed the clouds, she sees the grey spot covered by a carpet of mustard and green terrain. She was closing in, and she couldn't help but be ecstatic, excited to play with her new toys. Her body trembled, and her cunt began to glisten in her cum. A shadow slowly covered the city of Los Angeles, and the people looked up to see a massive breast, capped with a giant nipple heading towards them. The whole city was going to be inevitably engulfed by a woman's breast. With the speed it was heading towards them, Fuji's breast quickly smothered the whole city of Los Angeles, squishing any man-made structure almost instantly and sending a cloud of debris all over America.

Agent Fuji had body slammed not only the city of Los Angeles, but most of California. After her impact, she was amused to find her body with no bruises or aches at all. She slowly stood up, surprised to see the damage she had done. Her whole body indented the Earth pretty deeply, especially the area reflecting her breasts, and now her whole body was so huge that the clouds barely reached her ankles. She smiled from the amount of power she had. She was a human bomb, more explosive than any nuclear weaponry.

She rubbed her hands all over her body. Her left started groping her breast and playing with her nipple, while her right started rubbing her wet cunt as she said "Konnichiwa, time to play!"

Story by Blazingchicken
Artwork by Sedna-Hu

High resolution (3300x5100)

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