Over Before it Began: Greta's Expansion

Not long after the failed attempt by the laboratory's remaining scientists to shrink Prof. Lydia down to a more manageable size, Lydia reclaimed Tanya: her shrunken rival and plaything.

Lydia then tried to find more containers to trap the other shrunken scientists within. However, her new height of 12 feet clashed with the normal-sized lab space. The gigantic professor's efforts to capture her fleeing prey were clumsy as her huge hands fumbled for the items she needed. And so, while grabbing a handful of bottles and other containers, she also scooped up the eyedropper Tanya had used to mix her growth formula...

A final drop of growth formula accidentally fell into the test tube that held the tiny Greta and the tinier Yorgi. Both were hit, but Greta got the most of it. She began to quickly grow. Immediately realizing that she could crush Yorgi if she wasn't careful, Greta tried to lift him above her. Unfortunately, she only managed to trap him between her expanding breasts instead. Then she grew just large enough to trap her arms at her side, cracking the test tube... but not breaking it.

Greta cried out for help until Lydia finally noticed her. Amused by Greta's plight, Lydia carefully grasped the test tube between two fingers and showed her to Tanya.

"It appears that your assistant also doesn't know how to grow without getting herself into a tight spot!"

Tanya massaged her brow in frustration.

Story by lbh
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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