Over Before it Began: Greta's Rescue

Yorgi the nightwatchman had always had a crush on Tanya's assistant Greta. After Tanya's attempt to destroy the lab, he'd spent hours desperately searching for Greta among the wreckage. So, when he heard rumors of Tanya's fate, he decided to break into the lab to to see if she was actually there. He soon found the tiny Tanya and, to his horror, the even tinier Greta inside a couple test tubes.

However, before he could fully process this (and ignoring Tanya's warnings), Yorgi was suddenly confronted by the lead scientist... armed with a spray bottle full of the shrinking reagent that had cut the once gigantic Tanya down to her current size. She'd had her own recent mishap with Tanya's growth formula, giving her the ability to easily overpower Yorgi.

Greta was later informed that, because she had been such a good little prisoner, she deserved a reward. The tiny, screaming figure of Yorgi was then dropped down to her. Greta cradled the tiny man until his hysterical squeaks subsided.

Tanya could only roll her eyes in frustration as yet another possibility for her own escape was once more... over before it began.

Story by lbh
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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