Over Before it Began: Tanya's Escape

After Tanya Hayes' attempt to take revenge upon Omni-Chem Labs caused her to become trapped between the towers of the facility, it was decided to use her untested re-agent to try and restore her to a more manageable size.

Greta, her most devoted assistant, hid near Tanya's feet in the hopes that she could help get Tanya away before she was be taken into custody. Unfortunately, the reagent also caused her to shrink. Undaunted, she searched the broken pavement for her boss. Learning that Tanya had been found by one of her rivals from the lab, Greta managed to cling to the hem of the rival's lab coat as Tanya was taken to one of the undamaged laboratories.

As Greta made her way, unseen by Tanya, she watched as Tanya was put through a series of humiliating tests before being left scotch taped to a petre dish for the night.

When Tanya was awoken by Greta, she was, at first, excited that she could be released from her bonds. However, Tanya's hopes were quickly dashed as she saw the state of her would be rescuer. By nearly 7 the next morning, the thin 1/4 inch tall Greta had only managed to pull up the smallest corners of the tape on her right forearm.

Tanya was so frustrated that she didn't even bother to warn Greta as their amused rival reached down to pluck her up with tweezers.

Story by lbh
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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