Over Before it Began: The Call for Help

Dr. Cater, now only 1' 1/2 tall, worked for over an hour to push his phone out of his own lab coat as the 1/4 inch Dr. Gail could only look on helplessly. Managing to activated the number for the head office, Gail was nearly shaken off her feet by the sound of it ringing. Carter hoped the sound wouldn't draw Lydia back into that section of the lab.

"Hello, Omni Chem. How may I help you?"

Carter desperately yelled out what had happened, hoping she could hear his small voice.

Suddenly, a tiny drop of green fluid his his back... and he began to shrink. Carter kept screaming as his voice became ever tinier. Gail, meanwhile, pointed up and tried to warn him that Tanya was coming down upon a string toward them.

"Hello? Hello, I did not quite get that. Could you speak up pl--?"

Tanya's foot came down on the now-less-than-a-quarter-inch-tall man, sliding him across the phone's surface and pressing him down just enough to end the call. Tanya glared down at the tiny pair as Gail looked up and was greeted by the sight of her shrunken colleagues. The largest among them was less than half her size, held at the bottom of a broken test tube in a corner of a clear plastic baggy that Tanya had made into a makeshift backpack... along with an eye dropper half filled with shrinking reagent.

Tanya's expression turned into a smile as she spoke. "Now you are all going to put those tiny little minds of yours to work on both getting me back to my full size and helping me get my revenge on that bitch Lydia... or you will find out just how tiny those minds can get!"

Story by lbh
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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