Over Before it Began: The Revenge of Greta

Hearing a cracking sound behind her, Lydia turned to find that Greta (after her growth had briefly stopped) has suddenly expanded to nearly twice Lydia's size... while the still tiny Yorgi clung in terror to her nipple. Blaming Lydia for all that has happened, Greta began to stalk toward the (now comparatively smaller) giantess scientist.

Thinking quickly, Lydia grabbed up one of the sprayers of shrinking agent and emptied it into Greta's face. Greta found herself rapidly shrinking down before the manically laughing Lydia.

Yorgi landed upon the floor... only to find Greta shrinking even smaller than him! As Lydia's massive foot rose to stomp on the helpless Greta, Yorgi grabbed up his tiny love and scurried away as it slammed upon the floor behind them. Running for both of their lives, Lydia's maniacal laugh echoed in his tiny ears.

Story by lbh
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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