POV Vore Terror

Sarena shrunk you and a few other guys down at the club tonight and threw you in her purse. When you got back to her house, she threw you into a bowl with the other guys and then proceeded to strip. She took you in the bowl back to her bed, and places the bowl right on her stomach. As it groans and gurgles, the vibrations are so strong that the entire bowl is shaking, and the people inside become absolutely terrified. She looks down into the bowl and licks her lips, slowly reaching down for a tasty morsel. You watch in terror from the bowl as she grabs all of your friends one by one and teases them with her mouth and throat, eventually swallowing all of them down. At last the bowl is empty except for you; you can hear not only the groaning and gurgling of her stomach now but also the screams of terror and pain coming from inside it. She stares at you, licks her lips, and then burps directly in your face. She keeps her mouth open, extending her tongue out and opening her throat to swallow you. You try to grab her uvula but it is too slippery, and you are squeezed down her tight throat and plop inside her stomach. Your last view right before you're submerged in the pool of stomach acid is one of your friends, screaming as he watches his flesh melt from his bones. Sarena moans and touches herself to the sensation of your struggles.

Story by Amirikl
Artwork by Santiago

High resolution (1901x1574)

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