Sandy: 'Look! Alex! Isn't that one of those old-timey photo-booths that used to be around everywhere? You know, before everyone's phone had a built-in camera?'
Alexander; 'Oh yeaaah, what an antique!'
Sandy: 'I want to try it out. Can we try it out?'
Alexander: 'Sure. We've experienced and seen everything else the park has to offer. This'll be our last stop before we head back to your place.'
Sandy: 'Yay!' :D
Alex walks up the machine and puts a quarter in the coin slot. Then Sandy prances into the photo-booth with Alex, right on her heels. Alex sashays the red curtain closed. The couple sit down, and relax in the shadiness of the booth. In front of them is a diagram outlining the camera lens, flashbulb, and start button. Just above the start button reads, 'Remember to smile!' Sandy turns to Alex and surveys his face. Alex turns to her and produces a quizzical look.
Sandy: 'For a guy that's been outside, you have a pasty complexion.'
Alex: 'Huh?'
Sandy: 'Hold on, before we get this picture show started, let me help you with your pigmentation problem...'
Out of her pocket, Sandy pulls out a blush container. With a quick whip of the hand, she opens its butterfly hinge and blows 'cosmetic powder' into Alexander's face. Alex recoils his head, reflexively closing his eyes. Coughing up powder and then subsequently breathing it in Alex chokes out, 'Why would you do that?!?!'
'Because your response will be priceless!' says Sandra gleefully grinning, 'So why not catch it on film?'
Alexander wheezes, 'So you want a picture of me coughing?!'
Sandy focuses on putting her blush container away and then, with a glimmer in her eye, faces Alex, with her best poker face. Sandy: 'No, I want a picture of you shrinking.'
'Wha-' Alex murmurs before his entire world starts to enlarge. Alex’s eyes grow wide, as Sandy magnifies. His attention however, is diverted to his diminishing form, as his shrinking shins hit the edge of the bench seat and he is slightly shunted forward. He looks back at Sandy, watching her form become evermore looming, until the inside of his own t-shirt blocks his view.
Sandy: 'PICTURE TIIIIIIIIIIME!!! Remember to smile!' :D Sandy pushes the 'start button' and a priceless moment is captured on film. ;)

Story by badreality
Artwork by SednaStudio-ZhaoTong

High resolution (2481x3508)

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