Piece of Candy

Lauren might have been the vengeful type, but she was also clever. If she sought out revenge on someone, they at least had to give her credit for creativity, because it wouldn't be the normal, run of the mill type of revenge. It would be something no one could see coming, and that's exactly how her revenge for Kevin played out.

Lauren knew that Kevin had a sweet tooth, and she used his weakness for candy to her benefit. She had shrunken him down, placed a trail of candy very strategically along her bare back. When Kevin finally woke up, he was groggy, unsure of where he was, how he got there, but then he saw it! That glorious, delectable piece of candy.

All he could say was "Ooooo, piece of candy!" However, as he was picking it up and eating it, he realized there was ANOTHER piece of candy nearby, which made him smile even bigger as he once again said "Ooooo, piece of candy!"

As he picked up the next piece to eat it, he realized there was another close by, then another, and then another! After eating a long trail of candy, each time happily saying "Ooooo, piece of candy!", he finally reach one that was at the tail end of a valley. It was unlike most valley's made of rock. This one was soft, much like the material he had been walking across. Perhaps it was rubber or elastic. However, that's not what was important at the moment. What Kevin found important, was that there might just be more candy inside!

So, Kevin squeezes through those tight valley walls, and he instantly finds another piece of candy! Now Kevin was sure he would find more candy inside the deeper he went. However, the next piece seems to be much deeper inside. He keeps going and going, but finally finds it! The final piece of candy! He picks it up, puts it in his mouth, and then says "Ewwww, piece of a candy... that taste like ass. Actually, this whole place smells like ass. No wonder the candy tastes so bad in here."

Realizing no more good candy is probably left, Kevin starts to leave, but can't. Wherever he is, he's now noticing it's pretty sticky, "What the hell? Why is the floor so sticky? Did the candy melt? Actually, these walls are sticky too, but it's not gooey. It's more... oily? Maybe greasy? What is this place? And that smell is not letting up at all! And why is it so warm? Is that why the candy melted? Is this place just coated with melted sugar?"

Wanting to see if his guess was accurate, Kevin tasted the oil on the wall, but it did NOT taste like candy! It tasted even worse than that piece of candy he had. In fact, he was pretty sure the candy only tasted better because it was a mix of that sweet, delectable candy, but it tasted bad because of whatever it was covered in, and Kevin just tasted the pure coating of whatever was covering that piece of candy. It was the worst thing Kevin had ever tasted. That terrible taste, with the horrible smell, and the fact he was realizing more and more just how sticky and warm this place was made him want to get the hell out of here, but he couldn't. He could wiggle around, but he couldn't move in any particular direction. He was completely and helpless stuck here!

That's when Kevin starts to scream for help, and then he hears something he doesn't expect. It sounds like a woman, but not. She's so loud, even with Kevin trapped deep inside this valley. It sounds like she's laughing but he can't really tell because as soon as she makes the noise, the walls around him and below him move, almost like they are alive. The floor below him even grabs onto his foot and sucks it a little bit inside!

Kevin is full on panicking now screaming "Help!!! Somebody!! I don't know where I am, but it's horrible!! Terrible!! Fucking awful!! And I think the floor is trying to eat me!! Somebody help!!!!" Of course, thanks to the very hi-tec microphone Lauren put onto her camera, she could hear every single one of Kevin's screams and pleas, and she was just dying laughing. The best part was, she had recorded everything, and she couldn't wait to show all of their friends.

Story by Newschool2626
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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