Pink Room

As Lian loomed over Jack, she could feel her heart pounding in her chest and her entire body was made to burn. It had only been a few days since his last visit but that was more than enough time to make her hunger.

Reaching down, she easily slid the frilly material of her panties to the side and revealed her lower lips to the man before plunging her fingers within herself and spreading them. She had begun to moisten the moment she’d learned he was in the club and had any of the other girls tried to claim him they would have been in some trouble.

He belonged to her... He belonged inside of her. Only her.

Lian liked her men small. The smaller, the better. She wanted them so small that her breasts would be mountains, her cleavage a massive canyon they couldn’t escape from and her pussy another world that they couldn’t leave until she allowed them. Jack was the tiniest she’d ever met, and he absolutely set her desires aflame so that by the time she reached the private room her pussy was practically drooling. A fact that she was now showing him.

The fact that he continued to return to her again and again only made her desire him more; made him feel like he was part of her and each time he left it became more painful to let him go. When he told her about the sweet oil of her pussy, the song of her heartbeat, the dancing of her thighs and the tremors of her rump, it only became worse.

She was his world and didn’t like sharing him with the other. She had even adjusted her rates just for him to ensure he could always come back to her.

When Lian had pulled her panties to the side, Jack felt the heat of her excitement and then her scent engulfed him. Immediately, he longed to move forward as he looked upon her glistening flesh. However, he pulled back briefly as he looked up at her face.

Lian’s desire… Her hunger washed over him. Part of him wondered if these were his last moments in the outsider world or if the new world that was Lian would claim him this time...

Fear and excited mixed together and it was only her voice that brought him forward… “Welcome to The Pink Room, Jack.”

Story by Happiest-in-shadows
Artwork by Everton Sousa

High resolution (4961x7016)

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