Pool Party Snack

Candace had been taking good care of Jim since the shrinking incident. She felt guilty since it was partly her fault, but she also enjoyed having a friend for a pet. One day Jim mentioned that he doesn't get to socialize much anymore. Candace was worried about taking Jim out into a world not built for tiny men, so she decided to invite some of her close girl friends to a pool party. Jim was excited at the prospect of meeting new people. On the day of the party, Jim got cold feet. He was suddenly nervous about being handled by women twenty or more times his size. Candace was different since he knew her well, but these other girls may not be as careful. It was even worse when some of them began removing their bathing suits. Jim became red with embarrassment. He refused to leave Candace, who was sunbathing by the pool Candace decided to encourage him to meet her friend, Amy. She thought that they may make a good couple. It would be awkward now, but they'd be perfect together once she found a way to grow him back to normal size. Jim refused to budge, though, since Amy was among those who had disrobed. To coerce him, Candace removed her own top and held him between her breasts until he agreed to meet Amy. Amy was heading toward the snack table, so Candace surreptitiously dropped Jim between the chips and lemonade while she was getting herself some soda. While Amy was examining the contents of the table, Jim worked up the nerve to say, 'Hi! Um, I'm Jim.' Amy looked around for a moment, confused, and Jim spoke up again. This time she leaned in close over the table and spotted him. 'Whoa, you're tiny,' was the first thing she said. At this point she was towering over him, and he choked on his words trying to respond. She scooped him up before standing back upright and saying, 'I've never seen someone so small! You're adorable.' Jim tried to stand up in her hand, but he couldn't stay balanced. Amy pulled him in close to her chest to make sure he didn't fall. Jim turned a bright shade of red when he collided with her breast. 'Aww, you're embarrassed by my boobies,' Amy said. 'Normally I'd be more modest around guys, but you're just bite sized,' she teased. 'Hmm, I wonder how you'd taste?' Amy then took him between her fingers and thumb and lifted Jim toward her face. She opened wide with tongue out as a welcome mat. As she brought him closer toward her maw, she leaned in to meet him. After overcoming a moment of shock, Jim said, 'W-wait, what are you doing?' Before he could say anything else, She had dropped him on her tongue and closed her lips behind him. For a second he just sat there stunned, but when he tried to turn away from her cavernous throat, her tongue started rolling him end over end. He was soon covered in saliva and being drug back and forth over the surface of her tongue. This is just a joke, he thought, and as if in answer the turmoil of the tongue stopped. Her jaw loosened just for a moment as if she were going to open her mouth, but after a brief hesitation, she tilted back her head and gulped. She couldn't make him go down on the first try. Jim was now frantic, but there was no way out. Her tongue was stronger than his whole body. It pushed him back toward her throat and attempted another swallow. She paused to massage him with her tongue a bit, and finally she gulped again, sending Jim past her uvula, down her gullet, and into her stomach with a splash. After a prolonged and satisfied 'Mmmmmm,' Amy rubbed her belly and said, 'Sorry, bud. I was just messing with you at first, but then I just couldn't help myself.' Then she chased Jim with a cup of lemonade before walking back to her chair to continue lying in the sun. Jim sat in her belly with incredulity. All around him he could hear and feel her voice as she spoke, but the words didn't register. It wasn't until he was hit with a splash of lemonade that he realized he had really just been eaten. He was in the stomach of a beautiful lady, someone who just minutes before he had hoped to befriend. He stood up and tried to beat on the walls of her stomach, but then his whole environment lurched, sending him into a mixture of saliva, bile, lemonade, and mushy chips. Each step she took jolted him, sometimes sending him into one wall or the other of her belly. Then, after a sudden drop, the walls became the floor and ceiling as she lay down. As the minutes passed, he could sometimes hear Amy's hand caress or pat the outside of her belly above him, and before long, everything around him shook and sounded in rhythm as she began gently snoring.

Story by TaterTot
Artwork by Crimson

High resolution (3000x1687)

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