Popped a Molly, I'm Growing!

Summer always meant 'rave season' for Dana and Natalie. They spent most of the year saving up for travel on a near cross country tour.

The biggest festival of them all was the Sup3rRav3 in Florida. The music was loud and the audience was lively, but Dana and Natalie needed one more thing to make their experience perfect.

'Has anyone seen Molly?' Dana yelled into the crowd. The duo was walking for some time, hoping to score some dope. She yelled again. 'Molly? Has anyone seen her?'

A man in a blue hoodie walked in front of them. 'Ay, I got some molly here. $40 for the good stuff, $20 for the small stuff.'

'Shit.' Natalie whispered, 'I only have a $20 on me. Guess I'm stuck with small. What about you?'

'You know me babe: go big or go home!'

The three of them made their transactions and the girls popped the pills right then and there.

'Woooooooooooooooooooo!' Dana screamed, 'Let's go Nat!'

They made their way closer to the stage and started jumping along with everyone else. The music seemed to echo in their ears and the molly started to kick in.

As the partying went on, the two girls felt slightly different. With each jump, Natalie's sneakers felt a little loser and a lot more air filled her shirt. Dana felt the opposite way. Her straps were digging into her shoulders and her shorts felt tight around her waist. She even thought she heard ripping noises. Nat eventually had a hard time seeing the stage.

'There's so many people here! I know I'm short, but this is ridiculous!'

She looked over... and slightly up to Dana, who was trying her best to shake off whatever feelings were taking over her body. 'It's just the Molly kicking in,' she thought, but Nat noticed that her friend looked a little off. Dana's outfit was tight, yes, but her chest looked like it was going to pop her top at any moment. Besides, as far as she remembered, Nat reached up to Dana's chin, not her chest!

The molly effects were at their peak now, and Nat found herself staring at Dana's navel while her shirt was slipping off her shoulders.


The shrinking girl broke the raver out of her trance. When Dana looked over and saw her shrinking friend, she tripped over herself, knocking over several people and landing on her back.

Dana had officially made a scene and all eyes were on them.

'Wh-What happened to you?' Nat's nude body had been compromised, her clothing not doing their duty of covering up. Nat's gaze wasn't focused on her own condition though.

Dana's breasts filled up her red bra and crop top, tearing right through them with no signs of stopping. She felt her legs slide across across the dirt floor, extending towards her 3 foot rave partner.

The tiny girl quickly escaped her clothes, covering up her private parts from the endless sea of cell phones that had suddenly surrounded them.

Dana's feet burst through her size 7 shoes, growing something towards the 13 or 14 territory. Her shorts (or rather: what remained of them) had torn into a g-string shape, digging inside her lady bits and giving her a heightened level of arousal. Her quickly growing body had the audience stepping back in fear and amazement while they continued to capture it all on video. Her body halted it's growth somewhere near 20 feet, nearly half length of the stage she had come to see.

'Nat! Nat! Where are you?!'

'Down here!' A voice barely rung in Dana's ears. 'Don't move your legs!'

Dana looked down to see her friend, drenched in her fluids.

They both only now realized that the music had stopped, the audience wrapped around Dana's massive shape. The only audible noise was the constant shutter sounds of the hundreds of phone cameras around them.

It was the biggest festival ever for quite some time.

Story by F-Kid
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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