Power Overwhelming

It was a simple enough mission. A rebel group had begun refining terrazine on a distant jungle world. All Nova had to do was slip past their defences, eliminate all of the rebels she found within, set the charges, and destroy the refinery from a safe distance. Child's play.

Of course, something always goes wrong. As she was setting the charges, the local Protoss decided they would launch a surprise attack on the (now defenceless) facility. The attack ruptured the refineries main line, causing massive amounts of the psychoactive gas to spill into the building and exposing Nova to far more processed terrazine than any human ever before.

Already an incredibly powerful psionic, her abilities quickly leaped to god-like levels. Furthermore, her human body was far too frail to contain such powers... so she began to grow. It was slow at first, but the pace of her transformation would quickly sped up. First, she outgrew her ghost suit, the high-tech material shredding off of her expanding body. Then she hit the refinery ceiling, and it too crumpled against her form. Next was the jungle canopy. Soon, even the tallest trees barely reached her shins.

Her growth complete, she surveyed the world around her, feeling the psionic power flowing throughout her body. She could easily crush the Protoss with her merest thought or beneath her foot.

After that... well, there would be plenty of time to plan once she finished her work here.

Story by Huz
Artwork by SednaStudio-Kaka

High resolution (2481x3508)

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