Pranks With Size

Dennis was a genius inventor living with his girlfriend Tiffany. Tiffany liked to play pranks on Dennis, and though they were harmless, they could also be annoying. Dennis had just created a shrink ray, and Tiffany thought it would funny prank to use it on Dennis. She shrank him out of his clothes down to an inch in height. Then Tiffany grabbed him and put him into a hamster cage which she found was hilarious, and said she would let him out and unshrink him the next day.

Tiffany went to bed, but while she slept, Dennis broke out of the cage and made his way out of her room. Being the genius he was, he also made a growth ray with tiny scraps he had found on the floor. This took him a good few hours of the night to accomplish but before he could use it on himself, he could hear Tiffany waking up. Then he had an idea of using the growth ray as a revenge prank. He hurried to the door as Tiffany was shuffling through, Dennis pointed the ray at her foot and pulled the trigger. Tiffany felt an odd sensation as her clothes felt tight, and her head started pressing against the doorframe as she continued to grow. Dennis celebrated as he finally got a prank on her.

Story by Slapdash
Artwork by J. Mariano Luengo

High resolution (3300x5100)

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