Reduction Dentistry

Jessica, a spoiled narcissistic brat of 21 years who is obsessed with her own looks and a total disregard towards other people, is at the Reduction Hygiene Clinic for her obsessive bi-annual dental check up. After being led to a room by a hygienist, Jessica lays down waits on the reclining seat, while her assigned dentist is running late from another procedure.
Soon enough, just as Jessica is starting to get impatient, the small figure of the tiny dentist comes through the secondary door, already shrunk for the check up. Jessica, feeling a bit slighted for the delay, does not help the tiny Dr. Kurota up, but insists she climb up on her own, sticking her foot out mockingly for the doctor to climb on. Eventually, the doctor makes it up to her work table and is situated at head-height next to a still annoyed Jessica. The dentist is securing her safety line and looking down into the spoiled girl's mouth. She's about to run the safety checks when Jessica gets impatient and makes her fall in, demanding she get to work immediately. Begrudgingly, her dentist gets to work, and everything is going fine until she's just about done.
Dr. Kurota engages her retrieval winch, but the line suddenly becomes slack, plummeting her down into Jessica's throat, and the spoiled girl accidentally gulps her down. Panicked, Jessica gets up to vomit the doctor out, but thinking about it, she asked why should she be uncomfortable for her doctor's mistake? After all, it was her fault, and Jessica was already late for a hair appointment on the other side of town. What proceeds is Jessica's musing as to release the tiny frightened doctor that is pleading to escape, or continue enjoying the tiny woman's struggles, leaving the dentist's office to continue onto her next appointment, ambivalent to the safety of her dentist inside of her.

Story by Shinnigami
Artwork by Altercomics_Emilaino Urdinola

High resolution (3183x4500)

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