Relief for a Princess

"That potion will cure you, Princess."

The Princess was holding a potion that had been grown to her size to drink. The Princess looked at the bottle with a quizzical look for a few seconds, before proceeding to drink the whole potion. Everyone from the King and Queen to the many guards watched as the Princess finished the potion.

"I feel something happening..." A rumbling sound began to build from within her stomach. " I... I feel like I need to..." The Princess trailed off as the rumbling grew louder and louder until she cried. "No! I need to--!"

Before she could finish, a large fart came out of her butt and she immediately started to grow into an even bigger giantess. Her clothes began to rip and tear against her growing body, and before anyone could comment, the Princess turned around and sat her massive ass down on the castle to support her now-bigger figure. Another rumble was heard... but this one was coming from her ass instead. The Queen and King began to yell for the Princess to stand up, but their cries were too quiet for her to hear them. The Princess grunted and farted louder than ever, her gas filling the whole castle and forcing all the doors and windows open. The noxious smell was the worst thing anyone had ever been subjected to. Everyone fell unconscious as soon as the smell entered their noses.

The Princess continued to grow as the fart went on. She eventually allowed herself a sigh once her farting and transformation finished. She now was triple her old size and sitting almost completely naked.

"I believe we need to try a different potion."

Story by bluefire121
Artwork by Celestin

High resolution (4961x3210)

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