Remember to Drink Milk

Kim and Alaina had recently taken up bodybuilding as a way to stay in shape, but it wasn't long before they had reached a plateau in there workout routine.

One day while lifting dumbbells, they looked up to see a 10ft amazon walk in, with muscles they could only imagine and breasts so huge they defied gravity!

Both of the gals were quick to approach the amazon so that they could ask how she had gained her massive size. She told them that she got it from her friend after she sucked on her tits.

Alaina did belive the amazon but Kim lunged at the amazon and began to suck on one of her massive nipples.

The amazon laughed. 'All you had to to do was ask!'

Sure enough, Kim started to grow bigger and bigger. Her legs stretching, muscles bulging, and her breast expanding way past Alaina's.

Alaina stared in awe as Kim grew even bigger than the amazon!

When Kim gloated about how huge she now was, Alaina didn't hesitate to copy Kim's approach and lunge at her. Soon, Alaina was suckling on her friend's beach-ball sized breasts and growing to enormous proportions.

However, before she could take in her new size, more of the females in the gym where about to jump on her to see how big she could make them grow!

Story by stranger62
Artwork by Altercomics-German Erramouspe

High resolution (2252x3200)

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