Rescue G-T-S: Invasion Crisis

All they got was an alarm, and a garbled message asking for assistance from Fort Merrick. Asiyah Cirone was sent to render aid to those in need, but instead found a completely different situation than she could've ever imagined. Giant women, about fifty to one-hundred feet tall, clad in armor and garments reminiscent of Romans or Spartans. These women were assaulting and attacking the base without mercy.

Cirone is barely able to relay what she sees when the armored women spot her. Instead of being intimidated by the vastly larger giantess that was in front of them, these 'warrior women' seemed more excited and elated than anything.

Before Asiyah could even think, these strange women were upon her. They were wielding spears and other weapons, and they were more than ready to use them! To her surprise, these weapons were more than capable of inflicting wounds upon her body. Her pleas for them to stop went upon deaf ears, or were met with mocking laughter as these seemingly bloodthirsty women pressed their attack.

Circone was becoming more and more agitated, she wanted to fall back... wait for back-up to arrive... but knew that these strangers would either not give up and chase her, or resume their atrocities upon Fort Merrick. So, Cirone had to make a choice.... Her job was to RESCUE after all. She just needed to hold out until Summer and the others arrived.

Story by superxash
Artwork by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

High resolution (4125x6284)

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