Reverse Engineering

It had taken her months of work between missions, but Samus finally figured out how the technology in her shrinking security system worked and reconfigured it to allow her full control - targeting, shrinking, and growth.

Unfortunately, she never quite could get it to grow or shrink her power suit (or even her zero suit). As a bounty hunter, she had enough dignity to not go on missions nude, no matter how much easier this would make things. However, this did give her an idea for some off-mission 'stress relief'...

Samus landed her ship on a planet. It was a hub of black market activity and had been trouble for the Federation for a long time. She would enjoy this.

She stepped out of her ship, completely nude, and then activated the system. She quickly grew to a height of 10,000 feet, now towering above the corrupted planet's capitol city. She leaned over the city, one hand on a breast, anticipating everything she would do to the tiny population.

'Oh yes,' she mutters, her voice booming above the population, 'this is going to be fun...'

Story by Huz
Artwork by Davide Tinto, Francesca Carotenuto

High resolution (2584x3654)

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