Samus Apocalypse: Genesis

The residents of planet 20-9-14-25 were a mostly peaceful sort, and actually unknown to the galaxy at large. The planet was out of the way of most everything, and the people were not particularly advanced, which is why they had been entirely overlooked by everyone. Aiding in this fact was that the inhabitants, and indeed all of the flora and fauna of the world, were much smaller than the galactic norm. If one were to compare them to the Earths measurement system, they would all be less than a millimeter tall.

Still, they were happy enough, even if ignorant of their literal standing in the universe. However, that is until one fateful, catastrophic day. Without warning, a massive object appeared in their system. Their comparably primitive telescopes only able to determine that it was big, metallic, under controlled power, and heading towards their planet. Their communications technologies were very basic, and so they could not send any sort of message or signal towards the clearly alien device before it entered their atmosphere using some unknown method, and began to hover in mid-air.

Just as the people began to wonder what it was doing there and thinking that this might be an invasion of millions of aliens based on its size, a gargantuan panel slid out of the way, revealing a rectangular portal and an intimidating sight. Samus Aran stepped out of her personal ship onto the planet, holding up a hand to block out the sun from shining on her face. As she stepped out in her Zero Suit, the blonde smiled and looked around, pleased to see that the scans were correct about the habitability of the planet. It was a small thing to be sure, not big or valuable enough to be worth permanently settling, but right now it was perfect for a different purpose.

The galaxy was for once mostly at peace. She had just completed a particularly annoying bounty, and she wanted a little R&R in an out of the way place. The people below could only stare in awe and confusion at the colossal feminine figure standing at the threshold of her ship, wondering what she was doing here. The scale of the alien-being was nearly off the charts, so tall that her features started to fade away into the haze of pure distance between her feet and her head. They wondered why she had come here to their planet, and why she had not tried to contact them first, but that wonder soon gave way to panic as the giant alien began to move, casting her great shadow upon them.

Stepping down out of her ship, Samus took little to no notice of the small cloud of dust kicked up by her boot landing upon the ground, nor did she pay any attention to the bootprint left behind when she continued on. As far as she could tell, this was an uninhabited plane. No hyperwave signals detected, and all of the flora and fauna no larger than moss, and perhaps there were small insects. Her Chozo DNA meant disease was not a concern, so she could freely enjoy herself.

The blonde woman continued to walk across the surface of the planet, her feet leaving a trail of unaware destruction behind her that devastated the cities of the planets inhabitants. Unfortunately for them, the people had an architectural style that borrowed heavily from nature, so the view from above their cities looked no different from the plains and forests surrounding them, with the few larger cities appearing more as rocks to the eyes of the bounty hunter. Even the near misses were bad for the people below, as the tremors from her footsteps collapsed buildings and knocked people off their feet.

Finally, Samus reached her intended destination, the nearby large body of water. To her it was just a lakeside, but to the inhabitants of the planet it was their ocean. Walking right up to the edge of the coast, Samus stopped and looked around pleased. The impacts of her boots upon the ground knocking down piers and making the entire coastline sink down into the water by several comparable meters. Then, just as the people helplessly watching thought that the aliens rampage might have come to a stop, Samus reached down and began to fiddle with her boots.

Having reached the supposed lakeside, Samus hit the releases to her footwear and stepped out of them, revealing the pale skin of her bare feet and ankles as she pulled them out. Her main suit existed just past the ankle area, but it was still nice to air out her feet a little. Not noticing one boot tip over and fall down onto its side next to a hidden city, the woman instead took a few steps to the side and then forward, placing her feet into the water. It was pleasantly cool upon her skin, and felt really good. So, Samus began to sit down.

She could not see the comparatively large local city behind her, but its inhabitants certainly saw her as her massive ass fill their sky before flattening them all with meteoric force. Samus simply wiggled a few times to get comfortable, digging her ass print a little deeper into the planet’s surface. Idly, she began to wiggle and splash her feet in the water, pushing up small ripples to her that were more like massive tidal waves to the opposite and adjacent shores. As she leaned back to enjoy the warm, clean air and pleasant environment, crushing another town under her palm in the process, Samus thought about how this was going to be a wonderful week’s vacation planetside.

Story by Chaosbrain
Artwork by Studio Arieta_Tang

High resolution (3300x5100)

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