Sanzang's and Scheherazade's Unaware Destruction

To resolve a small singularity, Chaldea decided to send two casters to resolve the situation. Xuanzand Sanzang and Scheherezade were chosen. Since this singularity barely had any power, sending two servants should have been more than enough to handle everything within a few hours (according to command).

Upon successful rayshift, the two found themselves nude and falling into a large body of water, which the two surmise is the ocean. They immediately ask command if there was a mistake. Though their contact is just as baffled by the situation, they attempt to guide the pair towards the center of the singularity.

After swimming for a while, the two see a small patch of earth with some green and grey areas on it, and decide to head there and rest for a bit. The casters opt to just sit on the little island as they continue to talk with command, asking why they were in the middle of nowhere.

Unbeknownst to the two, they were already sitting on top of their destination, and causing untold amounts of destruction to the people living on it (all of whom had been shrunk due to the power of the singularity). As the giantesses talk with command, they continue to wiggle and shift around, attempting to get more comfortable as they spoke, which starts to take its toll on the island. Soon cracks form, and after only a short while the little island crumbled, plunging the casters into the water.

The two are surprised, but before they can say anything, command announces that the singularity has disappeared and the two will be summoned back shortly. When asked about the singularity, command assumed that it was just too weak to do anything except fade away, not knowing that the two investigators they'd sent had just destroyed everything.

Story by sonnystrait2
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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