Scaling the Cliff

Kit and Nick were going on their usual weekend hike when...


Kit pointed at a pretty large rock that was deeply embedded into the ground. Notably... it seemed to be glowing.

"Take a picture of me holding it!"

She quickly ran over to it and started to dig it up.

"C'mon..." Her boyfriend sighed. "We're almost near the top."

She eagerly pulled out the rock, grunting as she struggled to carry it with both hands. "Pleaseeee! Just look at how big thi--" her words were cut short by an almost blinding glow from the rock.

"What the hell!?" Her boyfriend yelled, shielding his eyes.

"I... I feel weird!"

With oddly perfect timing, her body began to swell and shoot up in height. 6, 7, 10, 15, 20 feet and still counting...

Story by F-kid
Artwork by Drumstick

High resolution (3500x5200)

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