Shihai High School Class 3-2 Senior Project

At Shihai high school, the end of year project competition is at hand, and the all-female class 3-2 decided to make an extra effort this year.

As a result, they won the competition by default, due to the all-male 3-1 and coed 3-3 classes failing to give their presentation when it came time to present.

To be fair, this was because class 3-2’s competitors were all locked in kennels inside their classroom at the time as part of their project.

This being the last day before the break, the class voted unanimously to distribute fairly and take home their adorable test subjects to enjoy during their well-deserved vacation. The class reps dutifully admonished everyone to bring their pets back in time for re-enlargement before their March graduation, but no one really expected very many members of 3-1 or 3-3 to appear at the ceremony.

That is, unless it’s on a leash held by their former study buddies, girlfriends, rivals, crushes and/or teammates.

Story by bask25456
Artwork by Altercomics-German Erramouspe

High resolution (3200x2330)

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