Size Reparations

In 2040, something happened in the US. White people became an ethnic minority after a massive wave of non-white immigrants, mostly female, moved from Africa, Latin America, and parts of Asia to the United States.

A few years after this occurred, the government was gradually taken over by a feminist-race-equity government that began enacting policies against white people, culminating in The Lottery.

All white adults registered for it, and if selected, all their assets are liquidated and they, along with the money, are given to the winner of The Lottery, who would specifically be a non-white woman.

Legally, the chosen white people become the non-white woman's property, with the only rule is they can't be intentionally harmed or killed, but they are legally no longer considered full humans. Instead, the white people are considered her pets and slaves. This lottery is held once every six months.

The latest lottery winner was Naadia, who was absolutely thrilled. She embraced the new government's idea that white people deserve to be shrunk and at the whims of non-white women... not to mention the fat check that came along with it. It came as a shock to Krystal and Randal when they got the message informing them that they'd been selected. Soon after, their phones shut down and all their accounts where closed.

They tried to rapidly pack their things and try and escape, but just as they where doing this, the authorities showed up. Krystal tried to run, but was quickly subdued by a tall, muscular black woman. Krystal and Randal were then driven to the government hosting facility where all their info was taken and processed. After being processed within a day or two, all of their belongings where liquidated. They were then subsequently fitted with shrinking collars that will allow their new owner to control their size at will with an app synced to their owner's device.

Naadia arrived, taking great glee in shrinking them herself, placing them in her purse and doing the paperwork to claim them and get her check, which she immediately cashed. As she left, she texted her girlfriends that she wanted to have a girls night out. She then mentioned that she had a surprise for them and to meet at their favorite bar.

"So, what's this surprise of yours?" Carmen asks as she and Hina spotted Naadia sitting at the reserved table. Naadia, barely suppressing a grin, simply puts her purse on the table and opens it up. The other two women peer in and their mouths drop in shock at the naked, white couple in the purse. "OMG! you... you won the lottery?" Carmen said, her shocked face turning to one of excitement. "Congratulations, Naadia" Hina says, smiling and smirking at the cowering couple.

"Hehe, DRINKS ARE ON ME... wait, no.... Drinks on whitey's here!" Naadia says loudly in the bar, getting looks from the other patrons, who are nearly all women since it's a favored bar for non-white women. "Now, get out here and entertain your betters" Naadia says, reaching in and grabbing them up in both fists, reveling in their squirming as they protest to be "put down" and as they scream "This is not right! you can't do this' Naadia just laughs, "HA! You think so? I can do what I want with you little, white pets. this is what y'all deserve, this is reparations. It's a new age, and you better accept your place at the bottom of the totem pole and learn that you don't matter anymore. It's us superior goddesses you need to please!"

Naddia then places them down on the table. "Can I pick them up?" Carmen asked, wiggling her fingers and licking her lips at the tiny woman. Naadia nods, "Of course! They're our entertainment, and in a way, they're footing the bill tonight!" Carmen snatches up the woman, dangling her by her arms, laughing at her struggles as she fondles her breasts.

Randal protests and demands Carmen put down his wife, to which he receives a casual flick in the stomach by Hina, causing him to double over. He is then scooped up by Naadia "Now, now, little snowflake-- that's what I'm gonna call you!.... You seem not to get it, so I better punish my disobedient, little pet." Naadia then places him face down in her palm and begins to repeatedly flick his back side, spanking him and laughing as he cries out in pain. "Hahahaha look at how red it's getting! I love how flushed and red you white people get" Naadia said.

Hina watches smugly at the sight. She glances over and her smirk goes into a full giggle as she sees that Carmen has dropped the tiny woman into her tall glass, casually swirling it around as she struggled in the liquid that came up to her chest. "Hehe nice garnish there, Carmen" Hina says with glee "I know, the little gringa makes a better garnish than she does a person" Carmen takes a drink and feels the woman slide against her lips, even sticking out her tongue to lick her face.

"Now, are you gonna behave, little snowflake?" Naadia says, dangling the little man by his arm. He pathetically begs her to stop and says that he'll do exactly as she says. "Good, now to demonstrate your place...." she casually drops him on the floor under their table and continues "Us goddesses need worship, so get to it. Kiss, lick and worship our feet, starting with Hina."

Hina grins, as she reaches down and unzips her boots, and then places her musky, moist feet before the tiny white man, who hesitates. "Hurry up, little snowflake! Or do I need to help you?!" Hina says as she knocks him down and pins him under her foot. "Now, kiss and lick, and make sure to get the gunk out between the toes" Hina says as she feels him squirming under foot and giggles as she begins to feel his desperate licks. "I think this is the beginning of a new and bright chapter girls! Now, lets party and celebrate two more whiteys getting what's coming to them." Naadia says, as they all clink their glasses and continue their night with the tiny white people as the entertainment.

Story by Dollman Jake
Artwork by Sedna_Wang

High resolution (3300x5100)

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