Smashing in Smash

It was time for another battle in the Smash tournament as Olimar and his Pikmin forces prepared to square off against their opponent. Having defeated several larger creatures in the past, it wasn't crazy for Olimar to feel confident about their chances against whoever they were pitted against.

Though... something was weird. The ground kept shaking... and the shaking kept getting stronger and stronger...

Samus was confused. She had been walking for awhile through the grass now, looking for whoever her opponent was supposed to be. She was determined to show that she'd earned her right to compete in the Smash tournament.

Just as she was beginning to wonder if she had been pranked, she noticed tiny creatures near the dirt directly in front of her. A lightbulb quickly went off in her head as she realized that these tiny things were her opponents. A grin grew on her face as she placed a hand on her hip and raised her foot.

Before Olimar could issue a single command, the bounty hunter's foot came smashing down on him and his Pikmin.

"I guess this is what they meant by a SMASH tournament." Samus remarked with a chuckle.

Story by Venomman4
Artwork by Altercomics-FRANTIC

High resolution (2431x3625)

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