Solar Powered

It was shortly after the parasite X incursion. Samus had met up with a federation ship so that they could do one last sequence of medical scans to ensure the Metroid vaccine was still stable. The scientists were worried about possible side effects. The vaccine had saved her life and given her the ability to absorb the parasite X species, but they still needed to know if she was in any further danger medically.

As the scans started, Samus became acutely aware of a tingling sensation... one she had felt many times before. It was just like when she had absorbed the X parasites. She could feel herself becoming stronger and more invigorated, but something went wrong (or right, depending on your point of view). Samus began to absorb the energy from the units attempting to scan her body. Moments later, her body began converting the excess energy into body mass.The federation scientists quickly realized her body was behaving like a Metroid's and was absorbing all of the energy it came in contact with. Soon, Samus began absorbing power from EVERYTHING around her. Her size quickly expanded in response.

Not content with her current state, she tore through the federation ship until she found the fusion core and absorbed its power, causing her growth to accelerate. She grew thousands of times her size in the span of seconds, destroying everything around her... and yet, she still needed more. It was all she could think of: more energy, more power, more GROWTH!

Turning her gaze towards a nearby sun, Samus began to smile. It was fuel for her power. Soon, she would expand beyond the confines of solar system. She would devour star after star after star. Entire galaxies would fall to her need for more power and growth... and it all started with this tiny little star before her.

Story by Bigger n' Bigger
Artwork by SednaStudio-Kaka

High resolution (2481x3507)

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