Sorority Problems: Boozehound Blow-up

It was quite out of the blue when Arisa received a strange bottle from a friend in town. It came with a note that read: "You absolutely HAVE to try this stuff! It's off the market, so it's now or never!" She wasn't quite sure why that was the case, but the wolf girl couldn't shake the feeling she'd heard the name "Biggie Whiskey" before. Nevertheless, she was eager to try it out, so without hesitation, she proceeded to drink the bottle, down to the last drop. It had a unique flavor for sure, but she was far more eager as to what came next.

In almost no time at all, she could feel her body changing. Her breasts began to swell, tightening her top to its limits. Her ass widened and filled out, stretching and tearing away at her pants. Her hair lengthened down to the small of her back, and her entire body grew several inches in height. However, the sensations weren't going away. In fact, for some reason, they were now getting stronger. Her body and proportions once again swelled upwards and outwards, continuing to rip and tear at her clothes until nothing remained. It wasn't long before her entire body was filling the room. And yet, the sensation did not stop. Arousal and ecstasy filled the wolf girl's mind as her growth continued. The ceiling and walls gradually gave way to her ever-expanding frame as she went up, and up... and up.

The Earth trembled as her body eventually erupted from the building's roof. Her breasts had grown so substantially, she could probably fit inside them now. And her backside had become incredibly wide, with a ballooning butt that was as big as her breasts were after her first spurt. Even in her aroused state, Arisa hoped that this was the end of her growth. However, the feelings welling up inside her made it clear she was not done. Taller... Bustier... Thicker... Spurt after spurt, growth after growth... until the sensations finally died down.

With what little sense she had left, the wolf girl could see that she now loomed over most of the city with her body. Her breasts had now grown so substantial that she could not help but lay on top of them, while her ass was nearly as wide as she was tall. "Now or never," the note said... In her pleasure-drowned state, all Arisa could think was... "Worth every drop."

Story by SukkuroKun
Artwork by Sedna Studio_Xue

High resolution (3300x5100)

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