Spoils of War: Scarlett's Expensive Toy

After the war, the UN decided to protect the important cities of the European Coalition from being sold on the market. However, that didn't stop Scarlett, a spoiled red-haired daughter of the richest man of the planet, from bribing top officials to secretly sell her the prized city of London.

Her biggest fantasy was about to come true.

It was a beautiful sunny day in London. The citizens were shopping around, traveling from place to place, doing their normal activities... when suddenly the sky turned gray as the bright sun was quickly enveloped by a huge, looming shadow. The people below began to look around, trying to understand what was going on. This was one of the safe cities! The UN would never break from their promise!

The huge malicious grin above them said otherwise.

As more and more people looked up to see what all of the fuss was about, their hearts dropped. They couldn't believe their eyes: there was a huge woman towering over the city, completely naked. Her breasts were the size of mountains, her hair a beautiful fiery red, and they could perfectly see the manhole-to-swimming-pool-sized freckles that covered her body.

Scarlett couldn't be more excited. Her pussy throbbed from just watching these scared, tiny people scream and flee in terror... but now it was time to put this expensive toy to the test.

She grabbed Big Ben, ripping it out of the city's foundations and slowly inserting it into her already-wet vagina. She began to moan. The sound was thunderous, forcing people to cover their ears as they ran for their lives. For the giantess, it was euphoric. From her pussy rained huge droplets of her juices, each coming down with a crash as they destroyed buildings and drowned anyone unlucky enough to get caught in their path.

Once Scarlett finally climaxed, leaving the city in ruins, she tossed Big Ben to the side and sighed. She was satisfied with her purchase... but which important and prized city would she use next?

Story by Marcus Fenix
Artwork by Wang (Sedna Studio)

High resolution (3300x5100)

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