Spoils of War: The Endless Shadow

During the war, the United Americas fired the nuclear missiles and ultimately defeated the European Coalition... not by the fire, but by shrinking the whole continent (along with its people). Days after the explosions, news reached around the world of what had happened.

Miss Hollowman, a high school English teacher, also heard of what happened. The long, stressful hours and jobbing she had to do before and after the war had made her very weary. She had always said she wanted to go to Italy for an extended vacation. Plans were set, clothes were packed, and a nice sum of money was used to make her way to Tiny Europe. Once she made landfall, her massive sandals had already wiped out what once was a port city for France. All that was left was a perfect imprint of the bottom of her sandals and toes. She looked down and saw the devastation... and thought nothing of it. She looked forward, scanning the land around with lustful eyes.

"Oh, the pure joy I will get from these next few days!" She said. France received nothing but earthquakes for the next few minutes as Miss Hollowman made her way to Italy. With every other footstep a city, village, or populated area was flattened deep into the earth. The people down below could only scream as an endless shadow approached, followed by the THUDS and THROOMS of earth.

Miss Hollowman stopped right in the northern part of Italy. She breathed deeply. "I might have to just go visit other countries after I'm done here. This all seems a bit small for me, but I did reserve this trip for 5 days..."

She carelessly dropped her bag down on top of a local mountain range and began her true rampage!

Story by Mainkanator
Artwork by SednaStudio-Wang

High resolution (3300x5100)

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