Squad 13

Technicians raced across the hangar floor, arming and fueling the two mechanical members of Squad 13. As the humanoid half of each combat pair closes her battle armor, and arms her weapons (consisting of massive pulse-rifles, and vibro-swords), their commander began issuing a final series of instructions. One of the giants, her helmet under one arm, and the mech pilot next to her, looking out of his machine's upper chest-situated cockpit, share a look. The mission they've been given is a tough one, but they've been combat partners for three years now, and the current assignment is no more difficult than they usually were. A nearby city had come under attack by unknown alien organisms of unusual size. It was Squad 13's job to clear out the infection, and buy time for the citizens to evacuate. Fierce in their resolve, the squad would complete it's mission.

Story by BGY11
Artwork by SednaStudio-Jago

High resolution (2481x3507)

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