Squeezed into Shape

Sven and Didrick had always been cocky jocks (literally and figuratively). Sven, with his ravishing blonde hair, baby blue eyes, strong chin and wide shoulders, had always been a woo-in for women. Didrick, with his ravishing smile, and charisma, could charm any lady within arms length.

What career could be better for these gentlemen, than… ballet!?

Yes, ballet. How many straight men are full time ballerinas? More importantly, how many women are full-time ballerinas? And how many of those women have rock hard butts, abs, thighs, and flexibility, to the point where they can lift a foot above their head… while standing?!

You get my point.

Anyways, they made the decision to become ballerinas, like any red-blooded Norwegian would. It beats living a life on the high seas, waiting to ensnare a coalfish.

The problem is, these two never stop flirting, during the long hours of practice. Ever. Was that a double loop, triple pass maneuver that they just forgot to perform? Oh well… Most of the girls find them funny and cute, but Brent-Hilda, their Russian dance instructor does not!

Making a living on the art of dance, is fine and dandy, when a troupe has its play choreographed, but when people start making mistakes, customers start to be discontented with the dance hall, and don’t return to the theatre for the next show. So what happens, when dance recitals don’t go right?

After a botched recital, Brent-Hilda calls forth Sven and Didrick to stay after class. They are to go over the proper dance moves. Proper abdominal and breathing exercises are required, before additional practice can take place. Brent-Hilda has the three of them stand on the balancing beam; Sven to her right, Didrick to her left. The three of them lift their weight onto the tips of their toes, spread their arms out, and take a gulp of air.

Then, without warning, Brent-Hilda swings her muscle-toned arms, around the waists of the two young men, brings them in close, and whispers an ancient Russian spell.

Immediately, she lets the two men go, they exhale, drop down onto the soles of their feet, and stumble, as they’ve been thrown off balance. The world suddenly grows taller, larger, and then pink. Everything is silhouetted by the shroud of their leotards. They fall flat on their bums, because as they’ve stumbled, the balancing beam has grown larger, in relation to their size. It’s basically the width of a plank to them.

Brent-Hilda, stretches her arms out again, closes her eyes, releases her breath with a smile of satisfaction, and lowers her full weight from her tip-toes to the soles of her feet. With a jump and a twist, she lands on the floor with the balancing beam directly in-between her legs.

A bit of unfolding, and foraging, reveal the two men. Brent-Hilda handles the men with care, as she lowers them onto the balancing beam. Tossing aside their garments, she smiles at the gentlemen; a kind of perverse twisted smile.

In a soft voice, she says… “A strong, stamina filled ballet dancer, must have strong muscles. Today, I will be putting your bodies under tension…” Her smile gapes, ever-wider… “Sven, do a handstand facing away from me. Didrick, do a handstand facing the opposite direction, with your back as close to Sven’s as you can possibly make it. Entwine your legs with Sven’s. Good posture is key to avoid broken bones, or suffocating… You’ll thank me later… I think. hehe.”

Sven and Didrick were not brave enough to defy Brent-Hilda. …besides, how would they escape her grasp; a fifty foot drop, to the bottom of the dance floor? They stared up at Brent-Hilda. Brent-Hilda’s smile grew, as the men took form.

Slowly, Brent-Hilda bends her knees and lowers herself until her body is hovering above the two men. Reaching down, she wraps the two men’s arms, with her right index finger and thumb. With her left index finger, she slides the crotch area of her leotard to the left of her pussy. With her left middle finger and thumb she peels open her pussy, revealing a maw.

In her normal speaking voice she states, “We’ll start off this evening, with compression exercises. You two need to be squeezed into shape.” She coos, “I want you gentlemen to remember this exercise. We can revisit it, as many times as needed… Or as many times as you want too…”

Story by Badreality
Artwork by SednaStudio-Seneca, SednaStudio-Zouning

High resolution (2552x3508)

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