(Step) Sisterly-Love

His step-sister was madly in love with him, but he ignored her to hide his own affections. Then she started wearing shorts and skirts over leggings, knowing full well his kinks. But he ignored her once again, so this time she sought out and found a book of ancient spells and took it home, determined to make it impossible for him to ever ignore her again. Inside she found a spell to make her a giantess, becoming so very horny she began to fantasize about grinding her step-brother's entire figure against the most sensitive spots of her body. She puts on the sexiest attire she owns and reads out the spell. Suddenly she feels so hot in her body, a tinkle of pleasure growing in her lower parts. She starts rubbing and then, as she grows bigger and bigger, she screams out in pure joy. Running out of the house, she sees her step-brother sitting in a chair in the garden. Screaming out his name in pure orgasm, she tells him to 'burn this image into his head' as he looks her way. And so, she grows, screaming out her feeling as she goes, stopping once she has grown as big as the house. Further encouraged by her step-brother’s horny look and the feeling of her shorts and leggings rubbing her lower parts, she then climbs on top of the house. Once positioned, she begins rubbing it while shouting different things to her brother. And he just sits there, so aroused in that moment that he is unable to speak or move.

Story by Morten Wisting
Artwork by SednaStudio-ZhaoTong

High resolution (2481x3508)

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