Super Spy: Caught in the Action

What seemed like another routine mission, turned into Jack's absolute worst nightmare. The objective was simple. Chelsea was to seduce Mr. Montague, a young charming gangster involved in a multitude of murders. This time, however, Jack was shrunk to a smaller size than usual so he could fit into Chelsea's cute heart-shaped necklace. It was the perfect place to hide and go completely undetected. The mission seemed to be going well. They arrived at the party, Chelsea spotted the target, and she used her usual charm on him. After a few drinks they seemed to be hitting it off, but maybe too well. Jack was ready to shrink the criminal and get this mission finished, but Chelsea seemed to be enjoying herself a little too much. A few more drinks later, it seemed to Jack that Mr. Montague's charisma was getting to Chelsea. Jack used his radio to get in touch with Chelsea, telling her to stayed focused, but she never responded. He then realized she shut off her earpiece! Things turned from bad to worse. Chelsea finally got the target into his bedroom, but both of their clothes were quickly taken off. Then the two quickly began making out and landed on the bed. Jack was screaming into his radio with only silence in return. They began making love, the sounds deafening to Jack and the movements making him sick, but then his vision was flooded with light. The necklace was somehow opened during the passionate love making and Jack was tossed in between the cavernous cleavage of Chelsea's breasts. Before Jack could regain his footing, the sky darkened and a huge looming dick filled the sky. He began to run in terror but was too slow as a huge load of cum covered Chelsea's chest, covering Jack in a thick pool of sticky liquid. Jack yelled as loud as he could, trying to get Chelsea's attention before he drowned in the cum. He could only hope that she could hear him.

Story by Marcus Fenix
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (5100x3300)

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